These activities provide an opportunity for the participants of your group to “get-to-know-each-other”, and to begin feeling comfortable with one another. Even if the participants know each other pretty well, ice-breakers will always start your program off with a few laughs.

In any situation when working with any part of the population it is very important to treat individuals with respect and allow them the opportunity to participate in activities that will be fun, develop confidence and self-worth, increase body awareness and improve body image, develop a sense of sportsmanship and airplay, develop cooperation and consideration for others and develop awareness of potential.

This section has been designed as a resource of activities and games that you can use with your programmes. Activities are a fun way to be active and encourage cooperation rather then competition. These activities will encourage people to participate alongside each other rather than against each other, and invite participants to have fun together regardless of age, ability, body type, ethnicity or gender.