In any situation when working with any part of the population it is very important to treat individuals with respect and allow them the opportunity to participate in activities that will be fun, develop confidence and self-worth, increase body awareness and improve body image, develop a sense of sportsmanship and airplay, develop cooperation and consideration for others and develop awareness of potential.

It is important when working with any group to check whether the activities being undertaken are appropriate for the participants. Often a simple modification of the rules or equipment will make an activity appropriate and enjoyable for everyone. Some simple activity adaptations that could be included in your programme are:

  • Use lighter bats or racquets and/or shorter handles.
  • Allow for more bounces in a game e.g. Tennis or table tennis.
  • Reduce the size of the court or playing area for soccer, hockey, and tag games.
  • Use lighter, bigger balls to be hit any number of times e.g. Volleyball.
  • Substitute players regularly.
  • Lower nets.
  • Allow runners for cricket, softball etc.
  • Use a stationary ball instead of a pitched one.
  • Reduce the competitive element.
  • Vary time restrictions on games and activities as necessary.
  • Swap walking for running.
  • Make small groups of similar abilities, this allows for individual progress at different levels.
  • Make large groups of differing abilities.
  • Use visual aids and demonstrations to model the activity.
  • Use language that is appropriate to the group.

(Australian Sports Commission, 1995)